Last Updated: October 16, 2002

University of Electro-Communications

Department of Electronic Engineering

Yoshiyasu Ueno

 Brief Reports from the 28th European Conference on

 Optical Communication (ECOC 2002)


the artistic Call for Paper, ECOC 2002

The European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) in Europe and the Optical Fiber Communications conference (OFC) in USA have been the two largest technical conferences for those who are working on leading-edge optical communications systems and devices. There is a slight difference between the trends and the future visions of the two global research parties. It is ECOC every year, in my opinion, that has been intensively collecting up-to-date exciting research results on ultrafast optical-communications devices such as wavelength convertors, all-optical demultiplexers, and all-optical regenerators (2R, 3R, etc). In the ECOC this year (ECOC 2002), those research results were categorized into

Ultrahigh Speed Transmission (session 2.1),

WDM & Wavelength Conversion (session 2.3),

All-Optical Technology (session 4.3),

All-Optical Processing (session 6.3),

All-Optical Regeneration (session 7.3),

All-Optical Demultiplexing (session 8.4),

OTDM Networking (session 11.4),

and so on throughout the conference week. The number of conference delegates (attendees) was approximately 1500. Nearly 900 talks were given, including the post-deadline papers.


The latest result of ours, “Control scheme for optimizing the interferometer phase bias in the Symmetric-Mach-Zehnder all-optical switch,” was presented at All-Optical Technology (session 4.3).

The convention center, Copenhagen, Denmark




400 Companies (4,000 stand personnels) exhibited their new products at the ECOC’s exhibition halls.

City of Copenhagen

   The city of Copenhagen is well recognized as one of the birth places of the “Quantum Mechanics” because of Dr. Niels Bohr. The Niels Bohr Institute is not only well maintained as a historical memorial but is also still active as one of the international academic centers for modern physicists, within a walking distance from the Copenhagen city center.


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