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Torus Magic transformable torus Akira Nishihara 1996
Magic Ring transforms 2D to 3D Akira Nishihara 1996
Tile Magic
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
transformable tileAkira Nishihara1998
transformable hyperboloidAkira Nishihara1996
oloid Oloid Oloid /
Two Circle Roller
Paul Schatz(1898-1979)
paper spring Origami Spring spring made of paperJeff Beynon1990
Kaleido Cycle Ring of tetrahedrons rotates endlesslyPaul Schatz1928
Toroflux Toroflux metallic soap bubbleJochen Valett1993
Toroflux Popup Spinner spinning popup cardUNKNOWN----
Toroflux Indian Ball polymorphic ballUNKNOWN----

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