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The super heroine who was born by great Go Nagai in Japanese comics world
"Kekko Kamen"
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Neo Real Image the movie appearance !!
Neo KekkoKamen the movie
"Mask the Kekkou reborn"

"Yuka the Movie"
Motion picture View first opening to the public of active Yuka.
She shouted " Kekko Kamen SANJYOU !! ",
self-introduction is the voice of Yuka by simultaneous recording.

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Yuka's photos & Kekko Kamen essays are here.
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The thing which is more splendid than panties. part 3" was added.
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The thing which is more splendid than panties. part 2" was added.
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3rd edition was added.
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The thing which is more splendid than panties" was added.
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