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No.010 Kekko Kamen is not called nonsense! by SyuhZ
Sharp eyes!
When Yuka mounted with a mask, manner changed. She is the condition that did not mind full nudity. It is very bold!

The creation theme of this time is proud technique of Kekko Kamen. I expected Karate lady Yuka very much. I extorted it including photography to envy in excitement, but rehearsed it first.
Instead of having a camera, I decided movement while having a Kekko Kamenm comic book. I longed for Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan from the childish time and went to a dojo studio of Chinese Kung-Fu boxing.

I tried movement of comics with Yuka. Of course we were not able to watch her movement that continued from the comics.
However, I think that her fan knows it. We can feel throbbing pulse from Go Nagai comics. She jumps and dances the air, and it is very elegance like acrobatic feats. This figure is very difficult to be considered to be a real image.
Former movies are not enough, too. Did the Movie which we fan was delighted by exist? Only because a real woman made up as Kekko Kamen, I was able to be pleased.

I gave it up. Because it is impossible to reproduce Kekko Kamen comics with a real image faithfully.
However, Yuka was going to come close to her and struggled. Yuka announced technique of various actions very eagerly and boldly. It was more splendid than my expectation. I felt dizzy many times.

And I learned very important fact from Yuka.
Kekko Kamen is called with the sex appeal gag comics that are nonsense. Whom was it told by?
Actually, her battle ability will be a meaning not to pass. I felt the fact that it was a mistake. When Yuka kicked it at the time of the rehearsal, my body function stopped. If Yuka did not stop the leg, I would be downed. The same phenomenon will happen in a player of example K-1.

And her battle figure to hide true self. The costume is effective. Bright red boots, gloves, a muffler and a mask. They provoke eyes of enemies to her body.
Bright red arranged by five course emphasize beautiful nude more. Therefore a man of cowardice as me will be knocked out without a mistake by Kekko Kamen.
It is the woman whom Keiko Natsuwata was an expert of by a fight. Everybody cannot absolutely beat her!

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Costumed,Photographed by SyuhZ
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