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No.009 The reason why I acted Kekko Kamen by Yuka

To Kekko Kamen fan.

Hello, I am Yuka. I act the super heroine "Kekko Kamen" whom she forgets shyness of a young girl for justice, and fight against bad teachers.
I always look at this site. I am very glad to read kind words from all of you. By them, I acted her and was able to think that I was glad. Thank you very much!

I was troubled very much when consulted about this plan by SyuhZ. I longed for heroes and heroines of justice from the childish time.

One day SyuhZ said to me.
"I want to draw old comics heroine by an illustration of a real image!"
I answered it.
"It is fantastic, by the way, who is the heroine?"
SyuhZ became timid manner. And he said.
"Please look at a website of this URL."
I was moved in big curiosity while thinking that it was strange. And I looked at this site for the first time in excitement.
"Oh! Kekko Kamen, what!"
Her figure covers a face and does not cover a body! I felt dizzy. I doubted that he was sane.

I am a girl before a wedding. Of course I have shyness of a young girl. I thought that he asked such a girl for such a thing, and I was not believed. I will decline it usually.
However, by emails from SyuhZ, I knew his love to Kekko Kamen, strong passion to this creation. It is very cool beautifully! I sympathized with the images.
I consented to shooting with a condition with my wearing underpants that my real face and identity made it closed.
Because he was shot portraits me before, I knew that he was the gentleman. But only the underpants did not come off before him either.

However, I thought that it was wrong when shooting moved. I looked at finished photographs, and I felt that it was artificiality that there were underpants. In addition, I read original comics. I had a good feeling toward justice heroine Kekko Kamen.

This shooting will continue from now on. I am very still ashamed. However, I want to try hard if there is encouragement from all of you.

Thank you very very much !


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Costumed,Photographed by SyuhZ
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