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No.008 Heroine's eye by SyuhZ
As for it, it is certain. I, SyuhZ deeply attach to "pupils" "looks." I realized it after so long a time.
I had my father buy a photograph camera when I entered a senior high school. I wanted it all the time. As for the boy who obtained a camera, friends and teachers, a girl to love of the next class took a lot of person photographs. Of course a portrait of a girl is the majority. Suprisingly, as for them, there were many photographs of a close-up.
In addition, they were the photographs which they were advantageous, and did a focus in pupils. It is pupils of the heroine whom I continued longing for from the time of childhood. Of course their body which is grammar is big charm, but very loves the eye of a heroine. It is pupils of Kekko Kamen.
As for the heroines whom Go Nagai drew, usual brightened strong will and courage, gentleness and very attractive pupils comprising a brightness expressively. I tried his comics copying many times the time of a boy. However, I was not able to draw a look as him. It became an eye of the heroine that anything was insufficient.
By the way, the portrait which I carried left is Yuka which became a university student. These are the photographs that I shot her for the first time. The reason that ordered a photo model from her is her "pupils" "looks." And she is very brightly pleasant personality.
Yuka does not show an earnest facial expression as these usually. She is the female whom she is boyish, and is daring, but pupils found sometimes are very attractive. Because the moment appeared in my eyes, I want to have come to copy them into film. It is very strong feelings. I thought to have future, her put on a red mask then, and there was not it. I hate. However, I may have imagined it just a little.
I continued searching for it all the time if I thought now. The pupils which it seems to be Kekko Kamen, and shine. I can understand intention of conventional oneself when I think to go, needing it. Even if yearning from boyhood become an adult, I never disappear and walk in the inside of a heart eternally. They give great influence to life.

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Photographer : SyuhZ
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