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No.007 Virgin red by SyuhZ
And she succeeded in Mayumi Takahashi rescue. Youka returned to a student dormitory and took off the red mask. Chikusa who looked at a figure of Youka asks her circumstances very in wonder.
Perhaps the 6 sisters would feel abnormal feeling of strain with her by the mind wave why Youka sent it to simultaneously. Chikusa must have received a message more powerfully than other sisters.
"Why did you do it?"
She stared at the mask and was confused.

The deep red mask. The vivid virgin red.
Yuika would design this color why?
Red is called excitement color. Flags of a revolutionary army are these colors from old days. Or it is a color of blood.
Besides, we can associate the thing which is various. As for what standardized the muffler, a glove, boots by red, there should have been some special reason.
"Red" stands out in costume to cover merely true self for the purpose very much because. Will not it be commonplaceness that make black as a ninja?
However, it may be what was born from the idea that seems to be a pure girl of a junior high student to be absolutely red as for the savior of justice if Youka designs it according to my delusion and sewed it.
"Kekko Kamen style" is constituted by a fantastic design and sense of color of virgin red unified vividly that reached being integrated. It shows her beautiful nude splendidly. Punishment teachers and robust men decrease sharply by battle ability in excitement. It is a fantastic effect.

Surely Youka which created it is virgin. Chikusa and Koichi are virgin with her in the same way, too. Furthermore, Ms. Keiko, Ms. Kaori and Kei Kurenai are virgin, too!
In this way I am excited by doing a forcible delusion. Kekko Kamen is surely a strong female. However, a lot of facial expressions of a young girl make look, too. For example, she was upset very much and dropped Nun-chaku when one man showed the sexual organs to her. And there was her when suddenly shy with an own figure. And she felt it by the attack that she licked it and patted of one two man and gave scream. It was reaction as just like a purity girl. Therefore she is very charming.
She said. "I forget shame for justice!"
Woman leader of the valets Kei Kurenai is a junior high student, too. She has very much possibility of purity. That bad girl becomes a heroine of justice with Kekko Kamen style of virgin red. I cannot help coming to love her.

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Costumed,Photographed by SyuhZ
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