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No.006 The mask of Youka by SyuhZ
Youka may have applied for the first person by oneself. In my imagination, Kekkok Kamen was born by Youka!
This is my delusion story .

Because Youka and Chigusa which are twin sisters can have an alibi mutually, it is hard to be doubted.
One night, Youka heard student scream and stood up. She went to the punishment room in order to rescue Mayumi Takahashi to sisters without permission. She was equipped with boots & glove for weapon Nun-chaku, fight. And the red mask & muffler was worn in order to hide her identity.
She dressed then. Perhaps it is the clothing that seems to be Ninja. There was not the plan to fight nakedly.

Elder sister, Youka of character to be calm. She came to the front of the punishment room and heard two voices of terrible punishment teachers for a while. Also she thought that it was fearful to fight against two men.
However, she beat glass of the door by Nun-chaku in emergency and broke it when a needle of the first of them seemed to stick in the Mayumi's pretty breast. She was considered to be U-turn impossibility.
She said.
"Hohoho...If you do an evil deed more than this, justice never forgives you."
Youka sent in courage to oneself.
Punishment teachers said.
"Who is it? Come out! We do not forgive you."
They came to the door angrily.
Youka rolled up a skirt. And she showed her leg in order to restrain them. Then teachers stopped in wonder. The action that Youka did in emergency was an effect than expectation.
"Wffhooon..." Youka went with the sexy tactics.
The teachers were confused in wonder. The action of Youka escalated by reaction of teachers.
Because her body hid at the door then, we were not able to watch it. She took off clothes like a striptease dancer in sequence.

Then, Youka took off panties at last!
"Wowooo! What a Kekko!!" Punishment teachers were delighted and exclaimed. As for Youka which took off all clothes, a feeling became exalted. Because she covered her face with the mask, she was not ashamed. Because she abandoned fear feeling with clothes, a feeling was let loose.
She awoke as a savior of justice. And she answered to joying teachers in a big voice.
"It is so. I am Kekko!"
Youka attacked teachers who forgot guard by her charm, with kicks, punches and shots of Nun-chaku. Furthermore, she opened her legs before a face of the teacher that fainting became just before greatly! She showed her body to them enough and went.

The figure of the her was full of a throbbing pulse feeling of life very fantastically. If we think calmly, this is the case that is nonsense. However, I have been completely knocked out by a fantastic figure of Kekko Kamen. By power of a beautiful figure of a woman mystery, I surrendered.

By the way, next appearance Kekko Kamen was Chigusa of a younger sister. Chigusa is different from Youka and is innocent. However, it is not forgot shyness even if she covers her face with the mask. As for them, a face looks very much alike, but it is contrastive character.
Kekko Kamen did not do the proud skill of movement to open a both feet when she fought against Kennosuke Chiguruma and Nana ero Kamen. Because it was Chigusa.

In this way Kekko Kamen was given big power with the Youka's mask and appeared suddenly. It is reasonable for sisters to have become a panic afterwards.
Because whenever it is submitted the Kekko Kamen suspicion, somebody of sisters becomes Kekko Kamen and must be dispatched in a help.

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Costumed,Photographed by SyuhZ
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