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No.005 Kekkko Kamen's pleasure wite paper by Kikou Toyofuku
Mr. Go Nagai read my manuscript of the book in anticipation and he completely understood my intention and answered questions.

I considered him to be a clever person very much.
I thought that Mr. Go seems to have recognized my manuscript as a remake work.
He approved Kekko Kamen which I imagined in generosity very much.

He watches the character that he imagined by he confidence objectively very calmly.

I felt tense before interview with him very much.
However, that became pleasant like a bar by a big laughter of Mr. Go when our talks began.
The time passed immediately.

By the way, it is the time that I asked about a smell of Kekko Kamen that Mr. Go laughed greatly most. He answered me in wonder.
"I have not thought about it."

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