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No.004 Chigusa Youka by SyuhZ
Beautiful girl who is pure and innocent, she are suspects of first Kekko Kamen. In fact, she (Youka and Chikusa) is monovular twin sisters. They feigned it as one schoolgirl by a name of "Chigusa Youka" and were registered at Sparta school Class A of the second grade. This situation is an episode of original comics by Go Nagai. There is not it to animation version.
"Chigusa Youka is absolutely Kekko Kamen!"
I continued doubting her, too. However, another Kekko Kamen appears. Then I was excited with it with the feeling that discouragement and joy were mixed in.
By the way, do you know that Kekko Kamen is six sisters? The six people made up as Kekko Kamen by a shift. You who read original comics will know the fact. And did you infer somebody each Kekko Kamen?

In a book of Mr. Kikou Toyofuku (Kekkko Kamen's pleasure wite paper), true self of Kekko Kamen which specified it and the face of activity were written down by his fantastic inference and method of elimination. The grounds depend on testimony of Mayumi Takahashi
(The person whom there is not by a reading with the original, I'm sorry). In addition, the distinction of Chigusa or Youka did specification (The person whom there is not by a reading with the pleasure white paper, I'm sorry) by having shown × × × ×.
In other words the girl whom 6 sisters took the forerunner of a Sparta school destruction strategy on as Kekko Kamen by an order of the Education Ministry special investigation station was Youka.
The girl who is pure and innocent as her is the first person of such a strategy. My chest seems to have burst!

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Costumed,Photographed by SyuhZ
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