Kekko Kamen
Search for Kekko 6 sisters!

No.003 Next creation by SyuhZ
Yuka and my creation move. I introduce those works here soon.

The first images create one person of Kekko Kamen 6 sisters,
Chigusa Youka. She is beautiful twin sisters.

They coaxed the Sparta school, and they made a student alone. They were doubted as Kekko Kamen to the chief of school before long. They were caught, and it was tortured.

We imagined daily life in their student dormitory.
We create their Kekko Kamen activity.

What kind of imagination do you do?
I think that the activity is the most important.

"Mask the Kekkou" Fan site
Acted by
Costumed,Photographed by SyuhZ
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