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No.002 About Yuka by SyuhZ
She who is a university student experiences some nude models of art pictures. Therefore she is the very beautiful face and body. Besides, she is cheerful friendly character. And she is a Karate artist.
I continued thinking that her help was necessary in order to realize this creation plan.

One day I said to Yuka.
"I want to draw one old comics heroine with real image illustrations. I want you to become the material model."
She asked me.
"What are the comics?"
I have decided to show this web site to her. I thought that she would decline it.
She answered.
"I had a look at it. I am not believed! The heroine is Kekko Kamen! It is interesting!"
I was surprised at her answer. Because young Yuka knew Kekko Kamen, I was surprised more very much.

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Costumed,Photographed by SyuhZ
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