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No.001 For images of the beautiful heroine by SyuhZ
It became necessary, and I have begun to memorize a personal computer in work. The key word which I searched with Internet first was "Kekko Kamen". I connect the personal computer which I bought in my home for the first time to internet. A search of a trial. The letter was good with what. It was the word that came into a head then accidentally. I did internet surf while feeling mysterious nostalgia. However, that good old heroine image existed in no page.
I went round a secondhand bookstore from the next day. I am eager and searched for a letter of "Kekko Kamen", but am not found at all. I disposed of all comics 5 of a first edition and the magazine in serialization entirely in boyhood. Became an adult already was sorry after so long a time. I want to read that original comics again!
In the one day that I asked you it, and gave up a wish, a small secondhand bookstore near a company, I met the books. It was a reprinted pocket edition, but all was prepared all three volumes. I consider one them to have been around 200 yen. Other side that the inexpensiveness was nice, I felt that it was not very a merit thing a little desolately.
It is hesitated a little to read it in a train of a return and, in my home, is not absolutely readable. After overtime work after a few days, became alone read it while letting dance heart in an office.
I searched a video shop for a video work afterwards. I discovered this with the several0th case finally. I was delighted at Kekko Kamen of a real image, and was a little unsatisfactory. Even the video movie which a wonderful actress acts does not extend to charm of original comics of Mr. Go Nagai. But on earth what will the charm be? I cannot express it by a word. I think that the world of magnificent imagination spreads out. I want to try to come close to the view of the world a little, and I make CG illustrations. I expected the real image which was real more and produced costume. I was able to meet Yuka of the model that mounted with it at last.
Expecting it when her pupils give form to a theme of this infinity by all means only with me? Dull hours become it daringly and, at this corner, will want to tell the charm that I tell it and cannot exert of "Kekko Kamen" by her cooperation. I want an episode concerning your "The charm of Kekko Kamen" "Request to Yuka" "etc..." to transmit a message with an email by all means. I waiting for you.

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Costumed,Photographed by SyuhZ
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