N3LQ & JS1LQI, Masa, Masahiro Myoga

I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. In 1985, when I was a junior-high student, I have got my amateur radio license. My amateur radio station's license (JS1LQI) has been issued on June 1, 1985. Since then I have enjoyed an amateur radio. When I was a high school student, I passed the 3rd, 2nd and 1st class examination for the amateur radio license and enjoyed the club station's operations (JA1YHB). As a member of JA1YGX, I also enjoyed the contests and outdoor operations at the Chuo University. My wife, Satomi, is also a licensed amateur radio operator and her license has been issued as JA1MFL.

In 2004, I have got my extra class license and got my US call sign AB3BU. Since my Japanese call sign is JS1LQI, I applied for a vanity call sign and N3LQ has been issued on May 1, 2004. For a while, I lived in Monroeville, PA and from June, 2004 to May, 2006, I lived in Los Angeles, CA. Now I have moved back to Tokyo Japan.

Currently I am a member of;

  • The PAPA System
  • ARRL
  • Straight Key Century Club - SKCC
  • JARL

    And the former president of ;

  • Chuo University High School at Koganei Amateur Radio Club (JA1YHB)
  • Chuo University Amateur Radio Club (JA1YGX)

    My interests include a traveling, Airplane & Rocket, Astronomy, and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI).

  • First name Masahiro
    Family name Myoga
    Handle Masa
    City of birth Tokyo
    Current Address Koto Tokyo, JAPAN
    JCC # 100108
    GL PM95VP
    Permanent Address Hachioji-city
    Tokyo, JAPAN
    EchoLink - JS1LQI 8873
    EchoLink - JS1LQI-L 8000

    E-mail :

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