2010 5/2 Smile f

2010 3/30 Our love is here to stayf

2010 3/28 The nerness of you f

2010 3/17 There will never be another you f

2005 11/18 The days of wine and roses f

2005@3/11@Crazy He Calls Mef

2005@2/24@But not for me, Gee baby ain't I good to youf

2004@5/6@You'd be so nice to come home tof

2003@9/23@Autumn Leavesf

2003 9/7 Bye bye blackbirdf

2003 7/17 All the things you aref

2003 4/23 Satin Dollf

2002@11/25 Moon riverf

2002@9/20 Straighten up and fly rightf

2002@8/20 󎌃R[i[VKJ Alfie, All of me, All of youf