The body

トヨエーストラック The TOYOTA track is the used.
屋根のくり貫き The ceiling is cut out.
サンルーフの取り付け Hatchback was welded and installed. The glass sunroof can have been done by this.
キャビンの塗装 The body is painted on argent.

Perform a docking maneuver

箱を移動させる Join body to house.
車体と箱の結合 The body is carefully put.
結合完了 Docking success !!

Other parts

エアシリンダーのパーツ Air cylinder
The air cylinder is making by myself.
FRPタンクの製作 Gray tank
The gray tank is made of FRP.
Because the tank had been made on a hot day of summer, it was very stinky !!
扉 Door
The door is a wooden frame.
給水タンク内側 water tank
The water tank is made of the stainless steel.
ステップの水研ぎ Step / Black tank
These process and make the steel plate.
コントロールパネル裏側 The electric wiring of the cabin
The added relay becomes 20 or more.
アウトリガー自動停止回路 Outrigger
An electric outrigger is making by myself.
デッキのフレーム Deck
The frame is an steel pipe.
デッキの檜材 cypress board paints the waterproofing paint.
デッキの取り付け The aluminum version is put outside, and it assembles it to the body.

Last spurt

断熱材貼り The rear-light etc. are built in.
足回り Foot is strengthened.

Completion !!

キャンピングカー完成 Government inspection is received.
The numberplate was able to be taken.

Wanting to see the system where the second floor goes up in detail is here.