Production process
(To camping-car completion)

To the completion of the camping car, it took two years and two months

The main body

ƒvƒ‰ƒbƒgƒz[ƒ€‚Μ‘g‚έ—§‚Δ The steel pipe is welded, and the platform is made.
ƒvƒ‰ƒbƒgƒz[ƒ€‚Μ‘g‚έ—§‚Δ2 The frame is painted@by anticorrosive paint.
“Sœ‚Μ‘g‚έ—§‚Δ Sets up a pole on the platform.
“Sœ‚Μ‘g‚έ—§‚Δ2 Frames are connected by the welding.
°‚π“\‚ι Plywood over a floor.
It buries with the patty, the sandpaper is put, and the tie eyes of plywood are
•Η‚π“\‚ι The adhesive and Topping fix plywood.
ƒVƒ“ƒNŽζ‚θ•t‚― The sink and water service are installed.
ƒKƒXŠΗ‚Μ”zŠΗ The gas tube is installed.
(We asked the professional for the gas construction. )
”z“d”Υ Distribute wires to different parts of a camping-car.
‰»Ο‡”Β“\‚θ The wall is covered with the coated plywood board.
ŠK’iŽϋ”[ The stairs are made.
•—˜C‰±‚ΜŽζ‚θ•t‚― The bath tub is installed.
•—˜CŠ˜‚ΜŽζ‚θ•t‚― The bath boiler is set up.
•—˜Cκ‚Μ•Η“\‚θ The wall is covered with the cedar siding.
FRP–h…‰Ί’n The floor in the bathroom is waterproofed with FRP.
FRP–h… In addition, it paints and finish.
•ΦŠν The toilet is installed.

The second floor part

“ρŠK“Sœ The steel frame is assembled.
“ρŠK“Sœ2 The frame of the second floor is a hybrid of the wood and steel.
(For lightening)
“Vˆδ“\‚θ The ceiling board is fixed.
αŽq The shoji is made.
•ΗŽ†’£‚θ The wall is covered with the wallpaper.
τ“\‚θ The tatami-mat is made
’f”Mή The heat insulator is put between walls.
ƒAƒ‹ƒ~”Β’£‚θ The aluminum board is over to the outside wall.

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