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2004-05-07 Corrected "Geometric Toy/Oloid" page.In case of "Oloid",the distance of two centers of disk is equal to the radius.
2003-12-26 Added a Indian Ball page to "Geometric toy", a Tensegrity page and a Hoberman Sphere page to "Polyhedral toy".
2003-12-22 Added a Popup Spinner page to "Geometric toy", a Yoshimoto Cube page to "Polyhedral toy".
2003-12-19 Added a Toroflux page to "Geometric toy", a MOVE FORM page to "Polyhedral toy".
2003-12-14 Added a Ring of tetrahedrons page to "Geometric toy", a Juno's Spinner page to "Polyhedral toy".
2003-11-30 Added a Origami Spring page to "Geometric toy", a IKOSTAR & Tomagari-Natto page to "Polyhedral toy".
2003-11-28 Added a Oloid page to "Geometric toy", a Star Cage #5 page to "Polyhedral toy".
2003-11-23 Added a Flexible hyperboloid page to "Geometric toy", a Flip-Flop Ball page to "Polyhedral toy".
2003-11-16 Added Tile Magic-1,-2,-3,-4,-5,-6,-7,-8 pages to "Geometric toy", a Reversible Polyhedron page to "Polyhedral toy".
2003-11-09 Added a Magic Ring page to "Geometric toy", a TOM CUBE page to "Polyhedral toy".
2003-10-26 Up load English version.
2002-03-21Put up this web site in Japanese language.

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