Championship Fever 1 Jake Plummer
Championship Fever 3 Bruce Smith
Championship Fever 4 Kerry Collins
Championship Fever 5 Kevin Greene
Championship Fever 6 Jeff Blake
Championship Fever 8 Carl Pickens
Championship Fever 9 Troy Aikman
Championship Fever 11 Deion Sanders
Championship Fever 12 Emmitt Smith
Championship Fever 13 Terrell Davis
Championship Fever 15 Shannon Sharpe
Championship Fever 16 Herman Moore
Championship Fever 17 Barry Sanders
Championship Fever 19 Antonio Freeman
Championship Fever 20 Dorsey Levens
Championship Fever 21 Marshall Faulk
Championship Fever 22 Peyton Manning
Championship Fever 23 Mark Brunell
Championship Fever 24 Elvis Grbac
Championship Fever 25 Andre Rison
Championship Fever 26 Rashaan Shehee
Championship Fever 27 Derrick Thomas
Championship Fever 28 Dan Marino
Championship Fever 29 Cris Carter
Championship Fever 31 Drew Bledsoe
Championship Fever 32 Robert Edwards
Championship Fever 35 Keyshawn Johnson
Championship Fever 36 Tim Brown
Championship Fever 37 Napoleon Kaufman
Championship Fever 40 Kordell Stawart
Championship Fever 41 Ryan Leaf
Championship Fever 44 Joey Galloway
Championship Fever 46 Trent Dilfer
Championship Fever 49 Steve McNair
Championship Fever 50 Gus Frerotte
Face Mask Cel-Fusions 3 Emmitt Smith
Gridiron Laser-Cuts 3 Troy Aikman
Gridiron Laser-Cuts 10 Mark Brunell
Gridiron Laser-Cuts 12 Drew Bledsoe
Gridiron Laser-Cuts 20 Steve McNair

Black Diamond
Premium Cut 8 Adrian Murrell (Triple)
Premium Cut 11 Antowain Smith (Triple)

Black Diamond Rookie Edition
Double 32 Antonio Freeman
Triple 20 Neil O'Donnell (379/1500)

Chrome Preview 9 Kordell Stewart
Chrome Preview 10 Terrell Davis
Chrome Preview Refractor 3 Kevin Dyson
Chrome Preview Refractor 4 Robert Edwards
Performers 2 Charles Woodson
Scout's Choice 2 John Avery
Scout's Choice 4 Kevin Dyson
Scout's Choice 5 Andre Wadsworth
Scout's Choice 8 Takeo Spikes

Bowman Chrome
Inter-State 111 Erik Kramer
Refractor 17 Marcus Nash
Refractor 185 Jamie Duncan
Refractor 17 Marcus Nash
Refractor 185 Jamie Duncan

Bowman's Best
Best Performers 4 Andre Wadsworth
Best Performers 7 Ahman Green
Refractor 13 Andre Reed (114/400)
Refractor 71 Bobby Hoying

Collector's Edge 1st Place
50-Point 50 Ben Coates
Successors 17 Dan Marino
Triumph John Elway

Collector's Edge Advantage
50-Point 96 Robert Smith
50-Point 159 Tony Banks
Showtime 19 Jim Druckenmiller

Collector's Edge Masters
50-Point 24 Bruce Smith
50-Point 80 Derrick Alexander
50-Point 116 Glenn Foley
50-Point 171 Jamal Anderson
50-Point Gold 132 Courtney Hawkins
Rookie Master 12 Tim Dwight (2342/2500)

Collector's Edge Odyssey

Galvanized 89 Chris Calloway
Game Ball Barry Sanders
Leading Edge 8 Terrell Davis

Leading Edge 21 Ryan Leaf
S.L. Edge 8 Dan Marino

No Protector 26 Willie Davis
No Protector 67 Kenny Holmes
No Protector 82 Ben Coates
No Protector 107 Darryll Lewis
No Protector 111 Darrell Green
No Protector 114 Chris Sanders
No Protector 156 Bert Emanuel
No Protector 157 Eric Metcalf
No Protector 160 Emmitt Smith
No Protector 162 Chris Warren
No Protector 173 Ty Law
No Protector 181 Corey Miller
No Protector 202 Santana Dotson
No Protector 214 Andre Hastings
No Protector 222 Steve Atwater
No Protector 247 Bobby Hoying
No Protector 265 Ryan McNeil
No Protector 269 Dorsey Levens
No Protector Refractor 80 Warren Moon
Refractor 255 LeRoy Butler
Undergrads Refractor 6 Derrick Rodgers

Flair Showcase
Legacy Collection Row3 73 Curtis Conway (72/100)
Legacy Collection Row3 79 Joey Galloway (32/100)

Fleer Brilliants
Blue 70 Dan Marino
Blue 138 Jonathan Linton

Fleer Tradition
Big Numbers Eddie George
Big Numbers Cris Carter

Leaf Rookie & Stars
Crosstraining 9 Jake Plummer (311/1000)
Freshman Orientation 16 Hines Ward (1385/2500)
Game Plan 7 Jerry Rice (4652/5000)
Game Plan 19 Drew Bledsoe (1148/5000)
Great American Heroes 2 Dan Marino (1548/2500)
Greatest Hits 6 Dan Marino (1769/2500)
MVP Contenders 20 Brett Favre (369/2500)
Rookie Card 182 Ken Oxendine
Rookie Card 183 Vonnie Holliday
Rookie Card 184 Terry Fair
Rookie Card 188 Jason Peter
Rookie Card 193 Cameron Cleeland
Rookie Card 205 Germane Crowell
Rookie Card 218 Fred Taylor
Rookie Card 219 Robert Edwards
Rookie Card 220 Ahman Green
Rookie Card 233 Peyton Manning
Standing Ovation 8 Reggie White (308/5000)
Ticket Masters Barry Sanders/Herman Moore (330/2500)
Touchdown Club 15 Jerome Bettis (3302/5000)
Touchdown Club 16 Antonio Freeman (3206/5000)
True Blue 53 Derrick Alexander
True Blue 76 Greg Hill
True Blue 166 Ernie Conwell
True Blue 276 Tim Biakabutuka

Metal Univers
Quasars 5 Curtis Enis

Dynagon Turf 1 Corey Dillon
Platinum Blue 316 K.Sinceno/C.Walker (30/75)
Team Checklists 15 Dan Marino

Pacific Crown Royale
Limited Series 61 Derrick Alexander (17/99)
Pivotal Players 21 Kordell Stewart
Rookie Paydirt 17 Mikhael Ricks

Pacific Omega
Rising Stars 22 Charles Woodson
Rising Stars 25 Az-Zahir Hakim

Pacific Revolution
Rookies & Stars 2 Curtis Enis

Playoff Absolute
Draft Pick 11 John Avery
Team Checklist 14 Elvis Grbac

Playoff Contenders
Leather Red 100 Michael Westbrook
Pennants Red 26 John Elway
Pennants Red 36 Mike Chmura
Rookie Stallions 8 Fred Taylor
Ticket Red 12 Raghib Ismail

Press Pass
Kick-off 13 Donovin Darius
Kick-off 18 Anthony Simmons
Kick-off 29 Fred Taylor

Proline DC3
Team Totals 8 Shannon Sharpe

Artist Proof 87 Drew Bledsoe
Showcase 40 Yancey Thigpen
Showcase 88 Danny Wuerffel

Skybox Premium
Autographics Eric Bjornson
D'stroyers 1 Antowain Smith
D'stroyers 2 Corey Dillon
D'stroyers 5 Deion Sanders
D'stroyers 8 Mark Brunell
D'stroyers 12 Steve McNair
Rap Show 5 Barry Sanders
Soul of the Game 7 Terry Glenn

Skybox Thunder

Boss'98 4 Antonio Freeman
Boss'98 18 Bruce Smith

Bronze 27 Drew Bledsoe
Bronze 29 Heath Shuler
Bronze 37 Jerome Bettis
Bronze 39 Steve Young
Bronze 41 Joey Galloway
Bronze 50 Terry Allen
Silver 28 Curtis Martin
Steel 8 Rick Mirer
Steel 10 Carl Pickens
Steel 12 Emmitt Smith
Steel 14 John Elway
Steel 25 Dan Marino
Steel 28 Curtis Martin
Steel 34 Darrell Russell
Steel 36 Kordell Stewart

SPx Finite
Radiance 2 Eric Swann
Radiance 36 Marvin Harrison
Radiance 90 Cris Dishman
Radiance 120 Cris Carter
Radiance 220 Herman Moore (4827/5050)
Spectraum 41 Marcus Allen

Stadium Club
Chrome 12 Dorsey Levens
Chrome Refractor 8 Dan Marino
Double Threat 2 Curtis Conway/Curtis Enis
First Day Issue 68 Derrick Alexander (13/200)

Generation 2000 9 Tiki Barber
Generation 2000 13 Charles Woodson
Season's Best Jeff George
Hidden Gems 7 Ben Coates
Season's Best 4 Dorsey Levens
Season's Best 14 Cris Carter

Topps Chrome
Hidden Gems 4 Shannon Sharpe
Season's Best 8 Jeff George

Topps Gold Label
Class2 1 John Elway
Class2 2 Rob Moore
Class2 6 Antowain Smith
Class2 12 Germane Crowell
Class2 19 Kevin Dyson
Class2 26 Aeneas Williams
Class2 76 Jacquez Green
Class2 87 John Randle
Class3 40 Kordell Stewart
Black Label 53 Chris Chandler
Black Label Class2 64 Jake Reed
Black Label Class2 71 Curtis Martin

Topps Stars
Hall of Fame Reprint 4 Fred Biletnikoff

Caught in the Draft 14 Jacquez Green
Rush Hour 5 Mark Brunell
Ultra Shots 6 Kordell Stewart
Ultra Shots 9 Kerry Collins
Ultra Shots 11 Terry Glenn

Upper Deck
Constant Threat 1 Dan Marino
Constant Threat 19 Steve McNair
Define the Game 25 Rae Carruth
Define the Game 30 Keenan McCardell
Super Powers 1 Dan Marino
Super Powers 9 Steve Young
Super Powers 15 Trent Dilfer
Super Powers 19 Terry Glenn
Super Powers 25 Jake Plummer
Super Powers 30 Terrell Davis

Upper Deck Encore
Constant Threat 6 John Elway

Upper Deck UD3
Upper Lelm RB 243 Dan Marino
Die-Cut EM24 Germane Crowell
Die-Cut EM26 Skip Hicks
Die-Cut EM46 Rod Smith
Die-Cut EM47 Tony Gonzales
Die-Cut FX148 Danny Wuerffel

UD Choice
Choice Reserve 293 Chris Chandler
Choice Reserve 349 Aaron Beasley
Choice Reserve 356 Tamarick Vanover
Choice Reserve 410 Kenny Bynum
Mini Bobbing-Head 2 Jamal Anderson
Mini Bobbing-Head 12 Herman Moore
Star Quest 7 John Elway
Star Quest 13 Dan Marino
Star Quest 15 Antonio Freeman
Star Quest 17 Corey Dillon
Star Quest 18 Mark Brunell
Star Quest 29 Adrian Murrell
Starquest Rookquest SR2 Bledsoe/Leaf
Starquest Rookquest SR5 Seau/Spikes
Starquest Rookquest SR9 Smith/Taylor
Starquest Rookquest SR13 Marino/Griese
Starquest Rookquest SR14 Young/McQuaters
Starquest Rookquest SR16 Plummer/Johnson
Starquest Rookquest SR20 Alstott/Ritchie
Starquest Rookquest SR21 Levens/Green
Starquest Rookquest SR30 Davis/Edwards

Starquest Rookquest SR27 George/Holcombe

UD Packers

Tundra Titans 16 Ross Verba