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I loved Kekkokamen than before all the time. However, I produced her costume without being able to be satisfied only by her comics and movie. And I had my girl friend wear it and do poses.
I thought that I wanted Kekkokamen fans to watch these works not pleasure only for me. There are them more than 100 works elsewhere, but there is the radical work. Thus, it is a permissible range consent and here of my girl friend.
It is a photograph inferior to, but give me impressions. Thank you very much for your advice.
Presented by Kazuya
I wanted to experience a feeling in the child fascinated by Kekko Kamen again. Then, I asked my girl friend for this project. His name is Rena. She is a soft and quiet character. But, it is very likes sport everything, music is equal to profit thought such as a piano and a creative cooking is equal to though. Anyway, it is my gentle super heroine who never angry. It is secret any further.
Presented by R&N
Sparta school news paper
At the time of video work 1 exhibition, it is a distributed Sparta school newspaper. We are excited at the first real image very much. These pages, shocking Kekko Kamen photographs by Chris Aoki are full loading. And there are the photographs which were not found until now. A lot of filming photographs for advertising will exist other than these. If all gathers, and they become a photograph collection, it is splendid!
1990 when the first real image version was released. Kekko Kamen attracted attention again and appeared in the various media. It is a precious magazine article clipping collection of those days.
Clipping collection
Art Work
The thing which is more splendid than panties
The pose that opened legs greatly that begins to have been examined from a canvas! This is the powerful charm of an Oppiroge jump.
The ultimate technique appears again! This is those daring choking techniques. I want it, too.
The third is the sexy belly dance that student Igagari saw. Her facial expression is sexy.
Monthly Jump Dec.1975

It's surprise! This is a magazine of serialization those days. The moment when I watched this, hands to own unintentionally have shaken. It is a very valuable rarity. Carried Story No.6 is a volume of "Human body dissection of fear". Her pose of a title page is good really!

Monthly Jump Aug.1976

A Story No.12 "Pervert! Maboroshi boys detective". I want to try to taste this new technique by all means.

Go Nagai's Vintage
It is the precious book that Mr. Go Nagai commented on many masterpieces by handwriting. A newly written illustration carries a lot of shooting experiences of a movie from a birth secret story in "The volume of Kekko Kamen".

The scene
a reproduced illusion
The model which reproduced that shocking scene drawn on the cover of comics Vol. 3. Kekko Kamen's mask was uncovered at last! How will be fate of Keiko and Mayumi? It is the masterpiece which one model specialty person created by itself.

Fearful! The Boss.

The proud technique
The moment of a daring jump. It is "Oppiloge jump" of all waiting impatiently. An angle to be the best in talking of the producer is a back figure. Right, it is a beautiful pose!

Good figure!

Go Nagai's
Maniac series
Figure collection which attracted character of Mr.Go Nagai. It is enjoyment what appears. It is difficult that you obtain her.

REDS Garage kit

1/8 Resin cast

1/4 Resin cast

1/4 Soft vinyl
"Kekko Kamen" is one person of a character with much number of articles. This place entirely unfinished article. It was opened for shooting by an owner.

Yuhbi 1/6 Soft vinyl doll
It's attached "Yuka" only in a first time version. Is it "Chigusa"? It is a facial expression and the pose that playfulness is plentiful. Toy "R" Us version of a internet sale limitation article has "Keiko" and "Kouichi". "Kaori Wakatsuki" and "Kei Kurenai" were released, too! I come to want to "Mayumi".

The shot that mounted with muffler - made by cloth. By the way, there is not a window in Toy "R" Us version of box.

Yuhbi 1/6 Soft vinyl doll
Final Version

The version of Ms. Wakatsuki and Kei Kurenai appears at last, too! Six Kekko Kamen sisters assembled in full force. If there were glasses, Ms. Wakatsuki was good. The hair of Kei was red? And only one person is light-brown a color of skin. Only Kei has understood true self therefore! It is worry.

Key holder
Go Nagai's
Does not this mascot think that eyes are considerably sharp?


Go Nagai
Exhibiation 1998
It was written down with a tag of a collar. In an event meeting place of Go Nagai held in 1998, I think that a qualified sale is a memory T shirt considered to be it. The wonderful illustration of the Kekko Kamen was printed in the back side. On the chest of the front, there is a mark of Go Nagai.

OK, you wear this, too and will walk in a town.

Rial image
product video vol.1
This was made in order to advertise the first product video. It is a brave figure of "Chris"-Super actress. A valuable shot without a mantle. The article which is very very precious by the circulation with a few several.

Monthly Jump
20th Anniversary
Monthly Jump had the 20th anniversary foundation of a periodical in 1994. Her goggle is unusual with a blue version. Ears and a muffler are extremely short, and it is a touch just after publication start.

Rial image
product video vol.2
The second photograph taken on a spot video version item. Chris and Mirei Asaoka. It is a two shot of sisters of Ms. Keiko and Koichi. However, their figure is considerably wrong. I want there to be Chika.
PC Game

"Oshioki Paradice"

"Legend of Oshioki"
This section is the place to
make by a contribution from all of you.
Any kind of thing is good.
For example, a collection, an illustration, a novel, an essay.
With us who love "kekko kamen",
let's do this event meeting place grandly!
Please cooperate!


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