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Kekko Kamen's Manga fan exists in great numbers. This is a page introducing independence magazines.

Kekko Kamen Independent Magazines
DVD works
The punishment to Mayumi is large number very. That time, as for Kekko Kamen when her it does not appear in help, as for her how becoming? That delusion it did this DVD image. Mayumi as for the scene which execution is done was reproduced with photograph taken on the spot image.
Photo works

Do you know a young woman of this back figure? Her name is Ribbon no shishi. "Shishi" is a meaning of a soldier aiming at justice.
Photographed by Ginta. A model is Hitomi. She is neat and clean, and a figure is good!

We waited for this! This is a contribution of a Cosplay photo work. As the celebration of recovery of this site, Mr. Ginta who is "Kurenai Kamen" staff of directer of photography gave to us these five pieces of wonderful images. He takes photographs these as personal pleasure before production of "Kurenai Kamen". This time he was able to get approval of model. Saya of this model said she is OK to carry it if this site. I am very glad! Her pose is very good.
Big Game
SyuhZ was caused by an original novel by Mr. Satan and drew it.
Original works
Her Name is "Kurenai Kamen"
The present that passed from a Sparta school destruction strategy for 25 years. A new story a beautiful girl of a descendant of "Kekko Kamen" supports fate, and to fight against evil for justice. It is Mr. RyohZ that created a very attractive plan. SyuhZ designed a character by his request. He makes web site and is to show this story. In addition, reality image version of production is moving simultaneously, too. It seems to become a style for an adult. It is very excitement. I expect it!
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