The mysterious girl
"Kekko Kamen"
The Sparta school which there is in Nature surrounded in the beautiful mountains and forest. However, that is terrible school to let students enter a senior high school of the top-class forcibly. And a student cannot go home all day long, a meeting with parents cannot at all, too. They are made to do hard study as hell day and night. Besides, a failure was called by the special room and had to receive very terrible punishment.
The super heroine "Kekko Kamen" appeared suddenly in order to save students from the atrocious teachers whom the chief of school "Mr. Satan's nail of foot" of fear led.
By the way, Kekko Kamen's costume covered her face with a red mask, however her body was completely naked.
A word of Japanese "kekko" is a meaning to be very nice. The very nice mysterious girl utilizes techniques of her fascination and fights against atrocious teachers. With a purpose to uncover her, the chief of school Mr.Satan uses various unfair means. And a nice fight with "Kekko Kamen" and the bad teachers began.

Well, this character setting was surprise. We watch a nude photograph of a woman hidden the face which an amateur photographed from frequently. They have opened both legs greatly magnificently if they cannot distinguish a face. Are woman's feelings the things which have shown nude of oneself boldly if anonymity is guaranteed? This setting points out the core of woman's feelings. This story is absurd development, but there will be charm to feel if glad to a man so that realistic woman psychology is kept in its mind. Actually, if a girl fights by bareness, she is defenseless and will be accompanied with danger very much. Of course she understands it. However, she who fights with this costume will be a true supergirl.
The production of these data added an ideal and imagination to original comics.
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