She projects from comics and participates actively in the world of a real image. The first video product was 1990. And the second product was released in 92, and the third product was released in 93. It was changed into DVD the first product in 2001. Furthermore, it is changed into and is releasing animation version (released at the past by video) of DVD at present. And the movie work was completed in 2004.
Newest Kekko Kamen real Image movies
Kekko Kamen Royale

Kekko Kamen Premium

Kekko Kamen Forever

<All 3 product>
Not For Sale Video
Making of Masked very nice!
The illusion video which was presented in the first real image video work 1 preview society! As for it, making scene film were collected. They were recorded later in the complete collection DVD.
The Right is the advertising leaflet.

Anime version, all 2 product

Kekko Kamen
Complete collection
This completely collected video works. Fans waited eagerly! We can enjoy the wonderful figure of Chris and Chika with a high quality image of DVD many times!
Furthermore, as for the privilege movie, there is value very much. The production scene of a video 1 work is collected because. Chris handles Nun-chaku by a rehearsal of an action fantastically. She makes up backstage and puts on the mask. There are a lot of attractive scenes.

Video 1,2,3
Music CD
Anime version
Single CD

Anime version theme song "Song of Kekko Kamen" and "Morodashi heroine Kekko Kamen" which voice Actress Emi Shinohara sang. All two pieces were recorded. And it was attached each music instrumental accompaniment. Video, Movie, Anime, an each version exist in a Kekko Kamen theme song.
Anime videos Volume 1,2
Videos of the left are English superimposed dialog versions. Videos of the right side are Italian versions, and, as for this, postrecording of lines by voice actors of Italian was done. In English translation, a name of "Mayumi" was transcribed into [Miami], and "Oppiloge Jump" of Kekko Kamen's pride technique was translated with [Spread Eagle Jump].

Anime version DVD in U.S.A.
Naked Action
Anime version DVD was released in America in 2005. Kekko Kamen popularity is abroad hot! I expect Hollywood version real image movie KEKKO KAMEN!
Kekko Kamen the movie

This is realization of our dream! What a fantastic thing! Kekko Kamen revives by this movie on February 6, 2004. Art port inc. which produced this movie let Bruce Lee revive in movie "G.O.D".
And they continue giving an individual topic product to the world one after another. DVD is released in April. I wish that this movie is successful, and a sequel is produced more!

The 2nd edition
The MGF strikes back
This DVD movie is released in July in Japan. It is Miss. Keiko Natsuwata edition sequentially this time.
As for Part 3.4, it was started production by expectation of Kekko Kamen fan. It is the plan that it appears by a new mask design once again there! An actress starring changes. A new Kekko Kamen world is born more! I am very a pleasure.
The details check 1,2 "Kekko Kamen official home page" .

The 3rd edition
Kekko Kamen RETURNS
It is Miss. Kaori Wakatsuki edition from this time. Movie actress Misaki played Kekko Kamen. A young people's idol Aki Hoshino appeared with a school swimsuit. It renovates a mask in a sharp feeling than a previous work. Naked action of Misaki are very wonderful.

The 4th edition
Kekko Kamen SURPRISE
February, 2005 release. The music academy where stage setting of this time is made to a solitary island surrounded to the sea. When lovely schoolgirls were attacked by an evil teacher, Misaki Kekko Kamen appears again!
The details check 3,4 "Kekko Kamen official home page" .
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