Last updated: March 2009

Co-authors in the academic journal papers

Nobukata Nagasawa, ’·āV M•û
Makoto Kuwata, ŒK“ciŒÜ_j ^

Akiko Gomyo, ŒÜ–ū –ūŽq
Tohru Suzuki, —é–Ø “O
Sumio Iijima, ”Ņ“‡ Ÿ—Y
Hitoshi Hotta, –x“c “™
Hiroaki Fujii, “Ąˆä G–ū
Seiji Kawata, ‰Í“c ―ŽĄ
Kenichi Kobayashi, Ž—Ņ Œ’ˆę
Isao Hino, “ú–ė Œũ
Kenji Endo, ‰““Ą Œ’Ži
Kunihiro Hara, Œī ú‹G
Tonao Yuasa, “’ó }“ė—Y
Kentaro Tada, ‘―“c Œ’‘ū˜Y
Hiroyuki Sawano, āV–ė ”Ž”V

Vincent Ricci
George I. Stegeman

Kazuhito Tajima, “c“‡ ˆęl
Shigeru Nakamura, ’†‘š Ž 
Shoutaro Kitamura, –k‘š đ‘ū˜Y
Jun'ichi Sasaki, ēX–Ø ƒˆę
Takara Sugimoto, ™–{ •ó
Tomoaki Kato, ‰Á“Ą —FÍ
Tsuyoshi Shimoda, ‰š“c ‹B
Masataka Itoh, ˆÉ“Ą ģ—ē
Hiroshi Hatakeyama, ”ĐŽR ‘å
Takemasa Tamanuki, ‹ĘŠŅ Šxģ
Tatsuya Sasaki, ēX–Ø ’B–į
Akira Hasegawa, ’·’Jė W
Hiroyuki Toda, ŒË“c —T”V
Makoto Shikata, Žl•û ―
Yukihiro Ozeki, ”öŠÖ KG
Tetsuyuki Suzaki, Fč “Ns
Morio Takahashi, ‚‹ī Xķ
Kouichi Suzuki, —é–Ø kˆę
Takanori Shimizu, ī… —ē“ŋ
Akio Furukawa, ŒÃė š—Y
Kazuo Mori, X ˆę’j
Takashi Ae, ˆĒ] Œh

Jun Sakaguchi, âŒû ~
Takashi Ohira, ‘å•― ‚Žu
Rei Suzuki, —é–Ø —ã
Mads Lønstrup Nielsen
Jesper Mørk
Masashi Toyoda, –L“c ›’Žu
Youhei Nagasue, ‰i–– —m•―
Ryouichi Nakamoto, ’†–{ —šˆę
Ferran Salleras Vila
Kohsuke Nishimura, ž‘š Œöē
Takehiro Nishida, ž“c •—m

University of Electro-Communications, Graduate School of Electronic Engineering / Dept. of Electron. Eng.
Ultrafast Optical Logic Laboratory English/ Japanese
Yoshiyasu Ueno